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Recipe of the Day: Peach Melba Shake

Deva Williamson of Big Laugh Kitchen gets creative with this recipe, and she urges anyone to get creative with your toppings, as well!

ST. LOUIS — Peach Melba Shake Recipe

Supplies needed:

Blender (smoothie/ shake) 

Ice cream scoop Knife or offset spatula 

Glass for shake 

Shallow dish for rim toppings


2 cups Vanilla Ice Cream

½ cup whole Milk

2 large, ripe peaches Raspberry Sauce Whipped Cream

Before you get down to business with your shake, you want to gather all of your toppings, the world is your oyster. Here are my favorite toppings particular for a peach melba because they pair well with this flavor combination, however, whatever you dream up— add it to the list!

 Freaky Awesome topping ideas!!! Grilled peaches Freeze dried raspberries Toasted almonds Cupcake Cotton Candy Slice of cake Sprinkles Wafer cookie Chocolate candy bars


 Peach Melba Freakshake Assembly

1. In a shallow dish, add ingredients that you would like to dress the rim of your glass with, set aside. 

2. Wash 1st peach, peel and puree in blender with sugar (until it resembles baby food) set aside. Wash second peach, peel, slice into small pieces and reserve to be added in at the end.

3. Before you begin to decorate your glass, make sure it is room temperature so the chocolate or buttercream doesn’t set prematurely. Start by icing the rim of your shake glass, this can be done using a knife or offset spatula. 

4. Gently roll the rim of your glass in your dish until it is covered to your liking. Set the decorated glass in the freezer while you prepare your shake. 

5. In your blender, add ice cream, peach puree and a splash of milk. Blend until smooth. If your shake is too thick, add more milk until desired consistency is reached. 

6. Remove shake glasses from freezer. Pour your peach shake in and add raspberry sauce and sliced peaches. Give it a quick stir and top your Peach Melba shake with whipped cream. 

7. Add your freaky fun toppings and enjoy!