Prioritized Pastries Sprinkle Bars

Yield: 16 Bars

What you’ll need:

• White cake batter (you can use a box mix, or your favorite recipe! A link to ours is found below)

• 2 cups Rainbow Sprinkles

• 1 pint Vanilla Buttercream Frosting (store bought, or make your own!)

• 1 Half Sheet Pan, greased and lined with parchment


Preheat oven to 350*

• Prepare cake batter according to directions

• Once batter is prepared mix in 1/2c Rainbow Sprinkles. Mix thoroughly until colors start to “bleed”

• Spread sprinkle batter onto sheet pan using an off-set spatula to smooth batter evenly in pan.

• Add generous amount of sprinkles to top of batter (roughly 1/2 c)

• Bake at 350* for 24 minutes, rotating pan halfway through.

• Pull and cool completely. (Cake is ready when it begins pulling away from the sides of pan)

While cake is cooling:

• Prepare frosting (make from scratch, or using store bought)

• Whip using hand or stand mixer with whisk attachment approximately 10 minutes

• Load into piping bags


• Once cake is completely cooled:

• Invert cake onto cutting board, or back of another pan.

• Cut in half

• Place one half on top of the other, Sprinkle sides up, and portion into 16 bars.

• Using piping bags, fill each bar with frosting, pressing down using just enough pressure to squeeze some frosting out of the sides.

• Using an off-set spatula (or butter knife, or whatever is handy) spread excess frosting over sides of bars

• Press each side of bar into reserved sprinkles

• Repeat with each bar


• Garnish with dollop of frosting on top and a few more sprinkles.

• Enjoy!!

For cake batter and frosting, we love this recipe from the Minimalist Baker: