There's a new bar in town but you don't go to it, it comes to you.

Jeff Pupillo, partner and co-founder of Sarah's Cake Stop and Drink Stop, said, "We got four custom tappers, soon gonna do custom wine kegerator and enough space for a lot of beer and wine."

Sarah's Drink Stop is tapping in to the bar scene on wheels. You can hire it to come to come to your party.

"Corporate events, parties, local events, and of course the weddings," Jeff said.

Jeff runs the truck with his sister, Jill Umbarger.

Jill said, "My brother and I are always thinking of something new to do and we came up with the drink stop."

Jill is the founder of Sarah's Cake Shop in Chesterfield, Sarah's on Central in Eureka and two cupcake trucks known as Sarah's Cake Stop. Sarah's on Central opened in 2016. They don't offer custom cakes here but you will find creative desserts in an adorable setting.

"It's a neighborhood cafe and bakery. People can come in, relax, have coffee."

Glitter balls are a signature item.

"White cake filled with buttercream, dipped in chocolate, rolled in sand and sugar," she said.

And they're always baking cookies so big they need their own plate.

"I like to stand out and all of our cookies are as big as your face and we have four selections daily in the shop," Jill said.

But Sarah's in Central also serves breakfast lunch and dinner. Some of their comfort food favorites include avocado toast, breakfast pizza and mac n cheese in a skillet.

"Just good food," she said.

Now with three trucks, one cake shop, and a cafe there's no telling what they'll come up with next.

(314) 406-2185

127 S. Central Ave., Eureka