Chesterfield Valley, MO — Mark Jenkins Footwear is a new company based in Chesterfield Valley. The name comes from the owner himself.

"Mark Jenkins, that's me," he said.

This is the first time in Mark's career he's created shoes baring his name.

"It's an itch that I've always needed to scratch," he said.

But he's no newbie to the footwear industry.

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"I've come up through the ranks and cut my teeth in the shoe business in St. Louis... and had a lot of experience with all the major shoe corporations in St. Louis," he said.

In the past 40 years, Mark has done just about every job at a footwear company you can imagine except for owning one.

"Until now, now I've got my own brand," he said.

Mark Jenkins Footwear is his brand and his goal is to make the shoes fashionable and comfortable.

"My insoles is a padding 6 millimeter worth of memory foam so when your foot sits in it, it's almost like a custom fit," he said.

You'll also find mules, sandals and other cute styles. Shoes are stored in a Chesterfield Valley warehouse. He doesn't have his own retail store but you can find Mark Jenkins Footwear at 8 boutiques throughout St. Louis. Not only does he design the shoes, he also does all the marketing because Mark is the sole employee at his shoe company.

"Just me and my dog sailor," he said.

But it won't likely stay this small because this is a company is taking big steps in the right direction.

Mark Jenkins Footwear: Facebook | Website

The shoes are sold at the following boutiques in the St. Louis area:


Jeans, Jackets & Jewels


Rachel's Grove

Leopard (St. Charles & Webster Groves)


Designing Block