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Loyal to Local: Skin Deep Hygienic Care

Conventional deodorants weren’t working for this St. Louis woman, so she created her own brand using natural ingredients and a detox system.

ST. LOUIS — Like so many entrepreneurs, Shaunessi Tucker’s product started with her own problem.

"After I had my daughter - she's 4 now - I noticed I was going through some changes. My deodorant stopped working for me. I was using conventional deodorants."

She started to do research to make her own natural deodorant. She became so passionate about it, that it led to her company: Skin Deep Hygienic Care.

She began using natural ingredients, such as organic coconut oil, olive oil, soy wax, and baking soda to help prevent odor. As she did further research, she started working on a detox system.

Natural deodorant just wasn’t cutting it.

“People don’t know why they go to a natural deodorant, and they still get an odor. I’ve created a detoxifying clay that pulls out toxins to pull out of your skin to help with the transition period. So, you won’t get that bad odor irritation under your skin.”

What makes her approach to help reduce underarm sweat and odor unique is that her system is three steps. First is the detox clay. Then, she created an exfoliant to help with ingrown hair, irritated skin, odor, and lightening skin discoloration. The last step is the deodorant sticks.

She makes deodorants for sensitive skin and for men. It’s all natural, organic, vegan friendly, toxic-free and aluminum-free.

Skin Deep Hygienic Care is new, but it is already being sold in ten states.

For more information and to shop the products, visit skindeephygieniccare.com.

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