Along the sidewalks in one of the city's most diverse neighborhoods something sort of odd has taken root.

"So we had the idea to help a few fairies move into the neighborhood," Erin Herrera says.

She led the welcoming committee and her neighbors quickly jumped on board to help sprinkle a little fairy dust through the Shaw neighborhood.

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"I think as of now there's a fairy living on every single block in the neighborhood," Herrera adds.

Look closely and you'll find teeny tiny doors behind the tall grass, in spite of the lurking wildlife.

"There's two story houses, there's houses with moats, there's one that has a pet pig named Hamlet, Mahrya Page, another neighbor, explains.

They are as diverse as the life size houses that overshadow them.

"There's ones that have signs that indicate black lives matter so it really represents the broad diversity that lives in Shaw as well," Page goes on to explain.

It was an enchanting idea to get kids out and about in the neighborhood. Of course that also means there have been a few random decorative decisions and maybe more work than was originally intended.

"When our fairy came to our block the fairy wrote letters to many of the children on the block introducing herself," Page points out.

It's become a bit of a pen pal relationship, but the most surprising part of all of this has been the adults.

"It's been a really insightful way to get to know your neighbors and kind of see a fun side to everyone," Herrera says.

So they might be little doors, but their impact has been rather big proving fairies really are quite magical.