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Local book by students at Wilkinson Early Childhood Center endorsed by LeBron James

Photojournalist Kenney Koger visited the school in Dogtown that made this all happen.

ST. LOUIS — In honor of Black History Month, students at Wilkinson Early Childhood Center participated in a writing project with the subject being a famous African American.

The school voted on writing about NBA star LeBron James.

“This was really the brainchild of our kindergarten teacher, Emily Hockaday,” Principal Yvette Levy said.

The words the students wrote about the famous athlete were put into a book. LeBron James not only endorsed the book, but he also sent the school a letter in response:

“To the young minds of Wilkinson Early Childhood Center,

I hear you guys are working on a book project around Black History Month and that you chose me as the subject. I wanted to make sure you guys know what an incredible honor that is for me because it wasn’t that long ago that I was just a kid like you… a young kid with big dreams. I never imagined that one day a group of amazing students like you would be making a book with my name on it. That just shows anything is possible if you work hard and believe in yourself. And don’t let anyone slow you down!!

I hope you guys have an amazing rest of the school year. And again, thank you for thinking of me for your project. I hope my story continues to inspire you and kids around the world to go out and achieve their dreams. You can do it!! And I’m rooting for every single one of you.

Your fan,

-LeBron James.”

Emily Hockaday, Kindergarten teacher, was grateful for the NBA star’s response to the book. “LeBron James took time out of his busy schedule to write a letter to my students.”

James has granted the use of his likeness for the publication of the book for a limited number of copies with 50% of sales going directly to Wilkinson Early Childhood Center.

The ‘Black History in Children’s Words Endorsed by LeBron James’ book release celebration is Saturday, February 22, 2020 from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. and takes place at the school, which can be found at 1921 Prather Street, St. Louis, Mo.

Purchase tickets for 'Life Every Voice: Black History Month Celebration' at SLSO.org.

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