ST. LOUIS — TREND: Attention to Detail and Updates
Uppababy Cruz 2: is a highly anticipated new stroller. With a larger basket and tons of detail in both the upholstery and handles, this is a beauty anyone in Chicago wopuld want to push.

TREND: On the Go Made Easy
Twleve Little products have always made stashing your baby's necessities in a stylish way a cinch.
(waiting on them to confirm the actual products)

TREND: Back to Basics
Lovevery is a brand that goes back to the basics of playtime for parents. From their playmat to their monthly boxes, they provide the toys and the instructions for small things you can do to interact with your baby and help them reach their milestones. In today's complicated, tech inundated world, parents are welcoming these tips. Lovevery just introduced an amazing, classic set of blocks that can be used at any age.

TREND: Breathable and Organic Materials
Ergopouch All ergopouch products come in a range of TOGs (thickness measurement) to suit most nursery / bedroom temperatures. The below products are all thicker TOGs catered for Winter, cooler nights, filled with organic cotton. (Showing a variety of options for various ages)

TREND: Taking care of mom in the 4th Trimester
Its often easy to forget about mom after baby is born, but she is recovering too. There are some amazing companies who are now making products designed JUST FOR HER during this time. Nyssa Care is based here in Chicago. Their Fourthwear is revolutionary postpartum underwear for comfort following vaginal and cesarean births. Frida Mom is also a company, known for its baby products that is making a big push into the 4th Trimester space.

TREND: Babywearing made easy! 
The brand new Lascal m1 carrier is an innovative and ergonomic, the Lascal m1Carrier™ makes travelling with your baby easy. The unique Infant M-Seat™ adapts to promote the perfect ‘M’ seating position for newborns 3.5 kg. (8 lbs.), right up to 3–4 year olds weighing up to 15 kg. (33 lbs.).

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