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St. Louis woman writes book about the closets of the rich and famous

There's a new book written by a local woman whom you may recognize from her reality TV show a few years back.

St. Louis, MO — "Good, Better, Best" is the story of an entreprenuer who turned obstacles into opportunities.

Sue McCarthy said, "The book is about the rag to riches story. I was homeless at one time. Now we were just in New York and were invited into one of the largest private residences in all of Manhattan. She called us and we bought her items. At some point, I look around and say, 'How did I get here?'"

You might recognize the author, Sue McCarthy from Style networks' yearlong reality show Resale Royalty back in 2013.

"Everybody wanted more about the closets," Sue said.

So for the last year, this upscale resale queen has been working on her autobiography.

"The names and places have been changed to protect the not so innocent," she said.

Sue started the luxury resale shop Women's Closet Exchange 30 years ago. She sold that store 5 years ago, and currently owns The Vault Luxury Resale in Brentwood.

"You're going to find phenomenal bargains. Louis Vuitton, Chanel at a fraction of the cost.

Items here don't just come from St. Louis but from closets around the world.

She said, "The closets we go to, it's like parting the curtain on this extraordinary area that no one gets into but us.. These people are celebrities or very wealthy women or women who have so much stuff."

They call the shop, inviting her and her daughters to buy from their closet.

"We travel to wherever they are. Switzerland, Paris, England, wherever they are. We travel and buy from them," she said.

For Sue McCarthy, each day is like a gift .

"Everyday is like Christmas... this is absolutely a far cry from my childhood," she said.

Good, Better, Best is available at thegoodbetterbestbook.com and on Amazon as well as her shop.

The official launch party will take place August 2 at The Vault Luxury Resale, located at 2325 South Brentwood Blvd.