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Stan Musial book for young readers

See how one STL author is sharing the story of Stan the Man with younger generations

How one STL author is sharing the story of Stan the Man to younger generations

Stan the Man was one of the greatest baseball players to set foot on the field and he wore a Cardinals uniform his entire career. With a lifetime batting average of .331 and 475 career home runs, Stan was loved by Cardinals fans and respected by opposing teams. Growing up in the coal fields of Donora, Pennsylvania, Stan was determined to overcome poverty and make it to the big leagues. When a debilitating injury stopped his pitching career, Stan didn’t give up. He became one of the greatest and most consistent hitters in the history of the game and was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

His practice, perseverance, and positive attitude have made his story one of American triumph.

Tuesday morning, author Stephanie Bearce shared her book, “"Stan Musial: From Donora, PA to St. Louis, MO and the Big Leagues.” This book introduces a whole new generation to the gentleman athlete who was known for his kindness and honesty. Young readers will be inspired to be like Stan and work hard to achieve their dreams.

You can learn more at www.reedypress.com

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