Schultz & Myers law firm travels the country discussing a case that happened in 2011. Six-year-old Hunter Pitt was killed in Callaway County when his school bus moved forward too quickly after dropping him off in front of his house.

Stephen Schultz, of Schultz & Myers, is here to explain why we should talk about this tragic event. At this time of year when kids go back to school, Schultz says he is reminded of this case and this tragedy. Hunter was run over coming off the bus with his sister, right in front of his home. After the case was litigated to a verdict and the contentious part was over, that is when the safety training began.

Hunter’s parents and the bus driver involved worked together to make a safety video that is now mandatory watching for many school bus drivers across the country.

Schultz hopes to reduce school bus accidents by drawing more awareness to the issue. Complacency with bus drivers seems to be an issue, but we need to teach kids to be aware of their surroundings as well. So, Schultz & Myers have identified the three “Waits”: Wait to board the bus, wait for permission to cross, and wait for permission to pick up a dropped item.

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