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DIY with Dana: String Art

Dana Dean does a string art project for fall with Pinspiration.


String Art Basics:

1. Prep your board 

• Sand edges 

• Paint or stain background 

2. Choose your stencil and trace it on the board. 

• Paint the design if you choose to 

3. Hammer nails along the pencil line 

•Use a ruler or a popsicle stick as a tool to evenly space out the nails

•Hammer the nails in deep enough to where they are sturdy enough to hold the string. 

4. Double-knot one end of the string to any nail on the board 

• Pull the string around wrap it around a nail to secure. 

•Create a criss cross pattern or an outline…whichever pattern you choose 

• When you are finished make your way back to the original knot and tie the two ends together with a double knot. 

5. Trim an excess string and embellish as you’d like! Voila! Your piece is complete!


Pinspiration supplies all the tools you'll need. ST. LOUIS - Many are spending lots of time at home lately, and many are working on Pinterest-inspired projects. With the help of Pinspiration, a DIY and craft studio in Chesterfield, Dana Dean created a DIY home sign.