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Take a look inside this $13M Ladue home for sale

A tour of this mansion is like stepping into a fairytale, complete with a pair of swans who claim the pond in the backyard.

LADUE, Mo. — This mansion for sale in Ladue sits behind massive gates at 1705 North Woodlawn.

“I think people wondered for many years what this house was all about,” Realtor at Laura McCarthy Real Estate, Katie McLaughlin said.

A tour of this mansion is like stepping into a fairytale, complete with a pair of swans who claim the pond in the backyard. The backyard overflows with resort-like features, including a pool with a swim up bar.

Built in 2014, this unique estate is on the market for $13 million.

"The current owners did entertain some but not a lot so it’s really been a mystery to most of the community. They’ve done a good job at camouflaging North Woodlawn with berms and trees but once you get inside, you really feel like you sit on many acres and have a lot of privacy." McLaughlin said.

At 30,000 square feet, 8 bedrooms, and 13 bathrooms, realtor Katie McLaughlin says $13 million is actually a great buy.

She said, "This family who owns this home really sunk their heart and soul into the house and it has far more than $13 million in the home. And I think that anyone who looks at it and takes a tour will see that."

The owners of this home invented a product for dogs.

“They invented the popular dog grooming tool called the Furminator that helps shed your dogs and I believe it works on other animals as well. I have a couple myself. They work really well and it was a great invention. They worked really hard and this was their end result,” McLaughlin said.

Their love for dogs is evident throughout the home. From a dog grooming salon to dog bowls in the kitchen that automatically refill with water. The realtors selling this home have seen a lot over the years, but a rotating desk is a first.

“We are in the seller’s office… his desk does spin so it gets different views of showroom,” Realtor Megan Rowe said.

That desk overlooks a showroom that was used to display multiple luxury cars. There’s also a car lift.

"When you use the showroom for cars, you can put the sports car up here for your party." Rowe said.

And when you need some privacy, retreat to the master bathroom. Now focus your eyes on the windows above the tub for a little magic trick.

 “You can press a button and the window fogs up for privacy,” Rowe said.

You'd expect a mansion like this to have walk in closets, but the high-tech features take it to a whole new level.

“We've made our way into the gentleman’s closet…this is for your watches. Your Rolex's will automatically spin. This is where you can display your beautiful watches,” Rowe said.

There's also a movie theatre with the most comfortable seats. But who needs a movie when your backyard looks picture perfect.

“One of a kind, special, one of the most unique houses any top realtor in town has ever been through,” said McLaughlin.

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