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The St. Louis-based sports tech company, Rapsodo, is changing the game for athletes across the globe

Malik Wilson stopped by the Rapsodo facility to find out how they’re helping athletes improve their game through advanced data and statistics

Sports is a piece of entertainment that many gravitate toward, even if it's just every once in a while. But what some might not always think about is how much goes into making each player feel special. So things like skills, knowledge, but also the mechanics. 

One company based right here in Saint Louis is paving the way for baseball, softball and golf players and helping elevate their mechanics to make them the best possible player they could be and have the opportunity to swing into action.

Rapsodo is a sports tech company that creates products to help baseball players, softball players and golfers improve, was ranked No. 2,324 overall. The products Rapsodo designs are high-tech data analytics machines that help athletes train like the pros.

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