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Tidal Wave Luxury Car Wash offering free car washes Saturday at Grand Opening

A new Chesterfield Valley business is offering free car washes at the Grand Opening on Saturday from 10 AM to 4 PM. 

At the corner of Long Road and Edison Avenue in Chesterfield Valley, there's a gas station with all the bells and whistles. Not only is there an attached drive-thru bakery from McArthur's, but there's a full service car wash facility that wraps around the back.

Operations Manager Mace Nosovitch, said, "The best description of this place would be a standard convenience store but on steroids."

Customers are amazed by the sheer size of the convenience store, Edison Express.

"Everyone walks in and stops in their tracks," he said.

You'll find everything from a walk in beer cave to Shakespeare's Pizza.

Mace said, "I'm a Mizzou Grad, I was there for my undergraduate years, and I think anyone whose been to Mizzou loves Shakespeare's Pizza. So, being here in St. Louis, I missed it. So, I approached the owners in Columbia and talked about adding it to our selection for our customers... and serve it by the slice or whole pizzas. People can get carryout take it home."

There's yet another part of this facility that's causing quite a splash, Tidal Wave Luxury Car Wash. Car washes start at $7.

Kurtis Riddles, Operations Manager, said, "We are in the clean car business. We want to provide you with a clean, dry, shiny car."

Mace said, "The equipment in this facility has been researched. We've looked at every car wash in the nation. We really grabbed the best of best that's in the car wash industry today. From soft wraps, rinse water, every aspect has been thought out in detail."

The business is located at 158 Long Road in Chesterfield Valley. The number is 636-778-9781. The website is tidalwavestl.com. They're also on Facebook at facebook.com/tidalwavestl. The grand opening is from 10 AM-4 PM on Saturday where they are offering free car washes and prizes. If weather is bad, they will reschedule for Sunday.

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