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Transformation Tuesday with Charles D’Angelo

Meet Jason Rybak and learn how he was able to transform his outlook and his size.

Transformation Tuesday is back, and there couldn’t be a better time for some positivity and inspiration! If you feel like you need a sense of control and structure for your life again, weight loss coach Charles D’Angelo teaches that you should start by taking control of what you can control yourself. Today we meet Jason Rybak, another Charles success story!

Jason tipped the scales at nearly 460 pounds a little over a year ago, and that is when he decided to call Charles. After working with Charles and his team, Jason he is half the size he once was having lost 230 pounds! Jason explains that calling Charles was a decision he wanted to make for himself and his family, and he was tired of being limited in what he could to do on a daily basis.

Charles says that it is never about the food, it is all about mindset. Jason tells us that for him this means it is about how you look at food and your relationship with the food itself. He says Charles taught him about the three-legged stool; healthy eating, exercise, and accountability. It is something you have to work on every day.

Charles notes that it can be easy to turn to food in a time when emotions are high, such as right now. But, losing weight is all about making changes to your choices. It all comes down to follow through.

Charles has helped thousands to change their lives. To schedule your consultation to discuss becoming a client visit charlesdangelo.com or call his office at 314-495-3228.  

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