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Transformation Tuesday with Charles D’Angelo

Jeff Horvath is a Charles D’Angelo success story who has lost 90 pounds!

Charles D’Angelo is back with another one of his successful clients for Transformation Tuesday. Jeff Horvath was able to lose 90 pounds by working with Charles.

Jeff explains that when Charles asked him what his goal was for the first 90 days, he said he really just wanted to lose 20 pounds and he was tired of being tired. Charles goes on to say that this was good a good goal because the process is about changing habits and ourselves, not just trying to lose a bunch of weight in a short period of time. It is all about reconditioning how you think so that food no longer has a grip on you. So, once your feelings are different then your actions can be different.

Jeff enjoyed working with Charles because he was not only given instructions, but Charles explained why those steps were important. He really was able to replace his old habits. Jeff went from a size 44 to a 34 and even got to cut down the dosage of his hypertension and high-blood pressure medication.  

Charles says that his process is for the people that feel like nothing else can work. He will not promise you a quick fix though, the process is all about doing the deep work. 

Charles D’Angelo has helped thousands reach their weight loss goals, and he can help you too! Give him a call at 314-495-3228, or visit his website.