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TuckerAllen has joined forces with Cordell Planning Partners

TuckerAllen is now even better able to help you plan for your future by joining forces with Cordell Planning Partners.

TuckerAllen has made estate planning and elder law even easier by joining forces with Cordell Planning Partners. Jessica Jax, Managing Attorney with TuckerAllen, is here to tell us more.

Jessica explains that the pairing between TuckerAllen and Cordell Planning Partners means that TuckerAllen is in an even better position to serve their clients. With TuckerAllen being recognized as a leader in the estate planning world and Cordell Planning Partners having a multitude of elder law services, putting the two together ensures that TuckerAllen can help their clients through every stage of life.

TuckerAllen’s main goal is to make working with them as easy as possible. They know that estate planning, making a will or trust, and things of that sort are not always the most exciting, so they try to make it simple. The attorneys are easy to talk to and the locations are easy to get to. The fixed pricing is also posted on the website so there are no surprises.

Also, TuckerAllen says that everyone should have a will or a trust. There is no certain age you need to be to get one. A will or a trust directs assets after someone passes away. No matter what you have, your assets are important and you worked hard for them. The attorneys at TuckerAllen want to make sure your wishes are taken care of in the event you would pass away.

TuckerAllen also wants to ensure that their clients are taken care of during their lifetime. For many clients, this is almost more important. This concerns who will help people make financial decisions, medical decisions, and how this long-term care will be managed and taken care of. These are all pieces of any compete estate plan whether you are 25 or 95.

Learn more about TuckerAllen at tuckerallen.com or give them a call at 314-597-6760.