The name over the door is a hint at what you'll find inside. Step closer and you realize this is a shop with a good vibe, not many open signs read open even if only to browse.

Of course, Resito Pecson hopes you make a purchase.

"This is the bestselling thing in the whole store, a twig ball with lights," he points out.

It's something that can be used inside or out. The perfect thing to fill an empty pot, but then he has plenty of things to fill pots.

"A lot of orchids. We've got very life like orchids in all the colors including the color of the year which is Ultra Violet. A shade of purple that is nice and tropical," he explains.

He also has beautiful artificial succulents, but Twigs and Moss isn't exactly a flower shop.

"No, it's more a lifestyle shop."

It's a store filled with pieces he sees a little differently than the rest of us.

"This is a tin canister that I think would be great to hold wood next to a fireplace."

He is constantly coming up with new uses for stuff even the bark of a birch tree.

"The great use is to put it in a firebox when you're not using it in spring or summer it looks like it's nice wood. Another great idea is to slide it over a cylinder vase so it looks like it's the vase."

They are things you can buy and mix in with what you have or work with him to create a custom piece for you.

"Part of what we do to is source out one of a kind items. Those tins are from ceilings that have come down," he says.

Something simple that makes great wall art.

"I think one is fine. A lot of it is dependent on the space and of course the more you use the greater the impact."

So stop by Twigs and Moss, a beautiful shop with items that last much longer than a single season.

Twigs & Moss

7715 Clayton Road

St. Louis


Open 10am to 5pm Tuesday through Saturday