When Christina Keck and her husband Jason opened the women's boutique Peace by Piece in Belleville in 2009, they wanted to carry as many American made products as possible.

"8 years ago, it was harder to find American made products," she said.

You might be surprised to know that Christina actually doesn't like shopping.

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"I don't care to shop which people think is hilarious with me being the store owner," she said.

Which is why she made Peace by Piece a one stop shop.

"They can come in and get the complete outfit and not go to 15 other stores.

Peace by Piece is not just a clothing store but a gift store. Perhaps the hottest item in the store right now is this mermaid bracelet. The sequins change colors when you move them from side to side.

She said, "It's been billed as the less annoying fidget spinner."

Peace by Piece carries a large selection of cool shoes, from ones that sparkle to ones that glow in the dark.

A place where you can build your wardrobe Peace by Piece.

Peace by Piece is located at 132 W Main St., Belleville. Find them on Facebook at facebook.com/PeaceByPieceCo. The boutique also has a fashion truck which you can follow at facebook.com/Evolutionofpxp.