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Vidan Family Chiropractic can help relieve holiday stress

Find out how seeing a chiropractor can help your overall health.

Everyone’s body handles stress differently. Dr. Alex Vidan is here to help us all relax, which is absolutely needed during this crazy time of year.

Today, Dr. Vidan brought along a game of Jenga. The game represents what we go through as far as stress and how our body processes stress. While large events do contribute to tenseness and stress, people often do not give credit to the small things that cause changes in our nervous system. This could be anything from traffic to dealing with a boss at work.

Dr. Vidan explains that what ends up happening is there is an overload of all these stressors, and everything ends up tipping over, like in a game of Jenga. At his practice, Dr. Vidan and his team use chiropractics to help relieve stress by steadying cortisol levels and lowering blood pressure. They do much more than just help with pains in the neck and back. It is not the level of stress that changes, it is just that your body learns to handle it better.

You can find Vidan Family Chiropractic at 2230 South Brentwood Boulevard. Learn more by giving them a call at 314-678-9355 or visit drvidan.com. You can also find them on Facebook and Instagram.

If you contact them before the end of the year and say you want the “Show Me Discount,” you will receive savings on your initial exam!