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Warming up can help you stick to your workout resolution

Dr. Vidan is here to share how warming up before a workout can help prevent injury and keep you working out.

Trying to stick to your New Year’s Resolution of working out? Dr. Alex Vidan of Vidan Family Chiropractic is here to help make sure you don’t fail.

Dr. Vidan suggests focusing on preventing a problem before it gets started! A common issue for most of us is getting into a cycle of stopping exercising because of an injury, taking a break to heal, then getting back into that activity and getting hurt again. We get hurt because we never properly took care of that problem in the first place.

One way to help prevent injury is to warm up first with something easy like a light bike ride. Stretching is also key to get your muscles warmed up. You can use a foam roller at home to stretch, or you can visit your chiropractor to have them work on your muscles with tools like an ArthroStim.

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