Vincent Van Doughnut makes 19 different doughnuts every day along with pastries and savory treats. But for the holidays, they take things up a notch with centerpieces you can eat. They make a candy cane doughnut, which you'll have to order ahead of time. They also make donuts which look like decorations.

“We can do the Bismarks as ornaments and decorate them,” said Vincent Marsden.

For the first time, Vincent Van Doughnut is collaborating with Clementine’s Creamery.

“They are incorporating our donuts into ice cream for Hanukkah,” he said.

That ice cream will be available in the store through the 10th along with these donuts.

“We're also going to have Sufganiyot a very traditional Hanukkah doughnut filled with fruit filling. Ours with strawberry,” he said.

Get in the holiday spirit with doughnuts from Vincent Van Doughnut.

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