In an ordinary building in Chesterfield along THF Boulevard something extraordinary is coming together. It's a one night event that will make heads spin.

"The evening is a mixture of ballet and fashion," explains Choreographer Tom Gold

He is so talented, so well-respected he was able to boss around Julie Andrews in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

"I did! She said darling what should I do up here on the float and I said oh Miss Andrews gesture beautifully and open your books so It was a lot of fun," Gold says.

Now we're lucky enough to have him create a piece for Saint Louis Ballet.

"Well, I think I'm the lucky one because anyone who has seen the Saint Louis ballet knows what incredible artists and dancers these dancers are."

It's a performance Amy Herchenroether and the company have been working on for months.

"So he came out here for a couple of weeks in May and taught us the entire ballet in a few days," she says.

But Tom's piece is just one of three you'll see Saturday night. Gen Horiuchi, the artistic director of St. Louis Ballet, and another choreographer from New York have also created pieces and to kick it up a notch each choreographer was paired with a fashion designer to create the costumes.

"So it's really exciting to see what creations the designers have made to fit the choreography that we've been given," Herchenroether goes on to say.

The costumes are as different as the dances. So don't drag your feet grab a ticket to Vision: Where Ballet and Fashion Meet.