It happens each year like clockwork. Nick D'amato pulls out his Christmas decorations and starts banging out scene after colorful scene.

"This is 55 feet long, 12 feet tall, five section train with about 3,000 led lights on it," he explains.

It's a time-consuming task that's happening all over the country with a lot less lights in most cases.

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"I put in that whole drive way just for it," he points out.

It's work like this that Laura Thake and her nephew Mitch Miller have been admiring for years.

"I was definitely in grade school maybe that fourth, fifth grade," Miller says.

"We would drive around every year, we had about 15 that we liked and at the end of it we'd kind of like we want more where's the rest of the houses? How would we find a new place to see and he suggested why don't we do a website," Thake goes on to say.

So they put together a list of their favorites and started searching for more.

"You just never know, sometimes we take those left turns and we find something or sometimes we take that left turn and there's nothing there," Miller adds.

They've taken the roads less traveled and now have about 30 in their curated Christmas light collection on

"We just want someone who pays attention to the details who uses a little bit of design style and color," Thake explains.

"I'm not going to send someone some place where they're not going to enjoy themselves," adds her nephew.

They are free displays these holiday light fanatics must see for themselves before they share them online and now home owners like Nick are contacting them.

"Somebody said you should be on that and I said I should be on that and I called her up she came out and looked at it and said oh yeah your house deserves to be on this list."

"This knocked my socks off, this is amazing. Not many people have a drive through display," Thake says.

It's a fun business built on a family tradition.

"Don't tell the other aunts, but she's always had the reputation of the cool aunt as we've grown up so it's definitely made that relationship a bit stronger," Miller adds.

And isn't that what the holidays are all about.