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Wellness Wednesday: Back-to-school health tips from HSHS Medical Group

Dr. Saba Bajwa, Pediatrician at HSHS Medical Group shares recommendations for parents with children who are getting into the swing of the school year

On this Wellness Wednesday, we’re focusing on the kiddos. Now, I know back to school season can be hectic especially as we approach the colder weather and holidays, but with the right doctors looking after your little ones, you’ll have one less thing to worry about.

Families facing all the challenges of returning to the classrooms starting with a major schedule and routine adjustment.

“It’s really important for children and adults to have a routine," Dr. Saba Bajwa of HSHS Medical group explains. "For children, I think they thrive the most when they have consistency and know what to expect. A good place to start is having a set bedtime and a set time they’re going to wake up every morning. However you start the day sets the tone for the rest of the day.”

Setting your family up for success could start in the kitchen with packing a lunch the night before or establishing a healthy bedtime routine.

Incentives sure are a fun way to get everyone on task or to the doctor’s office. 

Dr. Bawja says she does everything she can to make her visits as positive as possible, and she encourages parents to keep the open conversation with their kids going at home.

“Having frequent conversations with your child about how things are going, checking in with their friend groups, especially teen groups with social media,” Dr. Bajwa explained. 

Dr. Bajwa is accepting new patients and HSHS Medical Group is expecting your call. You can even make your appointment online at HSHSmg.org.

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