There's new life inside an old building on Locust Street.

Chris Hansen, Executive Director of Kranzberg Arts Foundation, said, "You're on the eastern edge of Grand Center Arts District and western edge of Locust Business District.

Welcome .ZACK, a place to eat, drink, shop and catch a show.

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Hansen said, "It allows you to have a world class night out all in one space."

.ZACK spans 4 floors and was dreamed up by The Kranzberg Arts Foundation.

He said, "We're here to support the arts through infrastructure. So, we build performing arts venues, visual arts galleries, and workspaces for non profits."

On the first floor you'll find a theatre.

Hansen said, "We have a beautiful 200 capactiy theatre that have over 50 weeks of film, theatre, and other concerts in it this year and next."

And just across the hall from the theare is a new restaurant serving breakfast and lunch called Turn.

David Kirkland, owner and chef, said, "There's lots of relevance to 'turn' for a restaurant. Like you're turning tables, or turn of the season. But it has more relevance for me because of my love for vinyl and DJ."

Chef David Kirkland was a DJ in San Francisco and has cooked in several St. Louis restaurants, but this is the first restaurant he's owned. You'll find creative dishes on the menu like a biscuit flight as well as the LEO, which stands for lox, eggs, and onions

"Some comfort foods that you recognize, with a little twist and turn on them to be a little lighter or vegetable forward," he said.

And that's just the first floor of .ZACK. The second floor is home to Sophie's Artist Lounge and Cocktail Club. There's even a record shop down the hall. The third floor is office space and the fourth floor is a ballroom for private events.

You might be wondering about the name... what's with the dot in .ZACK?

"It was meant to be graphic and branded so you didnt have a 'the.' The first media interview we did, they asked about it, and I said that's not the name, don't worry about it, just call it The Zack and when they published it, they published .ZACK."

So the dot stuck when it comes to the way you say .ZACK. And they hope you leave here feeling like an exclamation point.

.ZACK is located at 3224 Locust Street. Visit or

As for Turn, you can give them a call at (314) 240-5157 or find them on Facebook at
Turn is pen Tuesday through Saturday from 8 to 3 and Sunday from 9 to 3.