Babies born at St. Lukes Hospital in Chesterfield are getting something extra special that no other hospital in Missouri offers. Digital footprints. It’s a new technology that’s putting new parents at ease.

Just hours old, baby Paisley is already wrapped in an extra blanket of security.

That’s because her footprints were scanned with a new system at St. Lukes called Certa Scan.

"They're calling it the golden standard now," said St. Lukes nurse Lisa Momphard.

The digital scanner takes multiple images of the baby's foot creating one, perfect print that goes directly into the security database for identification.

Momphard explained, "it's a forensic imprint. So, if there is a disaster or if there's an abduction, they'll go ahead and run it through the scan itself with Certa Scan and law enforcement is able to ask for a matchup."

Mom Kelly's prints are taken along with a picture of baby Paisley. Leaving no question of who she belongs to.

Kelly said, "A parents worst fear is losing your baby or getting kidnapped or natural disaster so it would be great to have this a big help."

It makes dad Tim think about the safety of his older girls. His 8-year-old walks to school.

"If they go missing how would we ever track that other than somebody literally just seeing them in the street and saying oh I think I saw that I recognize that," Tim explained.

A child would be put into the certa scan system if they are admitted into the hospital for any reason.