ST. LOUIS COUNTY - There was one phrase that was not allowed in Kevin Green's home.

"'I can't' was not allowed in my home or anything to do with my parents. They did not want to hear 'I can't,'" said Green.

So, it makes sense, that the man who knows no limits, finds himself right in the middle of the action as a physical education teacher at Blades Elementary in the Mehlville District. Green has Spina Bifida and uses a wheelchair.

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"If it's people who don't know me they say, 'How do you do that?' I just do it like anybody else."

Green has been surprising people since he was young. He started playing wheelchair basketball when he was just three and played completive tennis in high school.

"I've been in a wheelchair my entire life. I see it as part of my life," said Green.

Green is in his eighth-year teaching at Blades Elementary. Principal Dr. Jeremy Booker said Green is a great model for students.

"Every kids love him, loves coming into the gym and seeing him. That's what he means to the building," Dr. Booker said. "Students are used to seeing him and its helped them understand that there are people with other stories and other things they have to battle and deal with. Even if you are dealing with something like being in a wheelchair you can still persevere."

Green feels his disability has given him more ability as a teacher.

"I think so because I can help any kid. I can be more creative in helping them because I've had to be creative my entire life... In my opinion, you can accomplish just about anything as long as you try," Green said.