ST. LOUIS - Static electricity is one of the biggest cold-weather nuisances that you'll experience indoors this winter, as dry air makes the air more shocking.

“When it's dry it gives the electrons more freedom to move around,” said Beth Fitzgerald, the president of The Magic House in Kirkwood. Static is essentially the buildup “When it's humid, there's like a layer…that kind of keeps things calmer.”

So what can you do about it?

Adding humidity in the air is the simplest way to make the air in your home less conducive to static. If your clothes are in the dryer, a dryer sheet or ball works well to keep them from clinging to each other or your skin. (A dryer sheet also works well for eliminating the static in your hair.) Once you're wearing your clothes, running a wire hanger between your clothes and skin can keep them from sticking to you. Lotion, moisturizer, or even a bit of water also work. Commercial products such as Static Guard can make a big difference as well, but be sure to test it on a small section of fabric to make sure it's safe to use on that material.

Another reason the static is so bad during this time of year? The fabrics we tend to wear to keep us warm, like wool, are also some of the worst for conducting static.