ST. LOUIS — ‘This Is Us’ returns on Jan. 14 for the second half of Season 4.

Ahead of the fall finale, 5 On Your Side sat down with St. Louis native Sterling K. Brown. He told us fans were going to be in for a ‘rollercoaster’ ride in the second half of the season.

‘Ah, listen there’s some big things that are happening going into the back half of this season. There’s some tension that develops within the family,’ He said. ‘So, there’s Rebecca, there’s Kevin, Kate, Randall something happens in the present day that causes people to sort of fall away from one another a little bit. That’s really all I can say.’

On Twitter, Mandy Moore (Rebecca on ‘This Is Us’) said fans are in for some ‘BIG’ surprises.

Musician John Legend will also guest-star on the show.

‘This Is Us’ returns on Jan. 14 at 8 p.m. central on 5 On Your Side.

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