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'Never forget what it's like to be a teacher' | Assistant principal helps guide teachers during crisis

Wentzville science teacher turned assistant principal helps guide teachers during the coronavirus pandmeic
Credit: KSDK

WENTZVILLE, Mo. — She’s a product of the Wentzville School District.

"I'm an alum of Holt High School, I went to Wentzville schools K-12."  

Now, Amanda Buhr is one the rising stars on the district's staff.

She spent 8 years teaching science at South Middle School.

She was recognized as the Teacher of the Year for the district in December 2019. 

There were 20 other finalists.

“It was just neat to be noticed for all the hard work that everybody puts into the day-to-day. I think I’m only as good as the people I’m surrounded by,” said Buhr.

And then her path took a turn.

Buhr decided to apply for an assistant principal position.

And she got it.

She’s the newest administrator at Boone Trail Elementary School.

“I think the biggest difference is I’m responsible for so many more kids and their well-being and their successes,” she said.

But she says her top priority is “to never forget what it’s like to be a teacher.”

She’s now the person who helps guide, inform, and prepare the teachers.  A task made even harder during a pandemic. Wentzville schools started the year in a hybrid program of virtual and in-person learning.

“I feel like I am a cheerleader right now. I just am doing whatever I can to support them and make things easier. So, you know, ‘Can I give you a break so you can run to the restroom?’ or ‘Can I help you problem solve and find a solution to his?’” She said “problems are arising and it’s hour by hour sometimes that we’re coming into new problems.” 

“But I give huge kudos to our teachers who are working endless hours to make it happen for our kids. They really are the MVP’s right now.”

But, Buhr has some MVP moves of her own.

Allstate Insurance gave her $500 for being awarded Teacher of the Year.  She donated it to the library of her new elementary school.  The school is using the money for new books and STEM kits. 

“I'm really, really passionate about the district and all the amazing things that I experienced as a student. I’d love for all my kids to experience it too.”

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