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#Bagelgate debate continues | New Jersey throws shade at St. Louis Bread Co. sliced bagels

It appears the #bagelgate debate is far from over…
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ST. LOUIS — Last year, the nation was split over the idea of slicing bagels. The debate resurfaced Wednesday in the form of a pandemic meme.

It all started when Alek Krautmann made a post on Twitter showing bread-sliced bagels from St. Louis Bread Co.

And, of course, social media went into a frenzy over the picture. It was retweeted thousands of times with people giving their opinions.

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Some commenters said slicing bagels that way was offensive while others just poked fun at the controversy like Chips Ahoy did.

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Fast forward a year later… and the #bagelgate debate is far from over.

On Wednesday, a Twitter account ran by the New Jersey government made a post throwing shade at the bread-sliced bagels.

It featured a picture of regular bagels with the words “my plans” and a picture of Panera’s bread-sliced bagels next to it with the words “2020.”

As you could probably guess, the comments started rolling in.

“That picture hurts my feelings,” said one person.

“Reported for hate crimes” said another.

It was then retweeted by City of St. Louis Emergency Management, who defended St. Louis Bread Co.’s honor by retweeting it and said, “Our bagels are NOT a disaster.”

When #bagelgate began more than a year ago, we wanted to know how and why bread-sliced bagels started.

Former St. Louis Bread Co. co-owner Doron Berger said the idea came from giving out samples. 

He said they needed an easy way to give out samples and since hand-slicing them was so time-consuming, they used a bread slicer.

"People just started ordering them that way, and it caught on and caught on and caught on," Panera's Don Hutcheson told 5 On Your Side last year.

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