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'Thank you to the officer for giving them a chance': Ellisville police officer rescues fawns after mom hit by car

"We examined the fawns and they appeared to be just born but stable and uninjured," Ellisville Veterinary Hospital said.
Credit: Ellisville Veterinary Hospital

ELLISVILLE, Mo. — An Ellisville police officer rescued two fawns that were born right after their mother was hit by a car.

Corporal George Steven Coreless shared the story on Facebook Tuesday night.

Coreless said he was out on a call Tuesday morning and saw that a deer had just been hit by a car. He said by the look of the scene, he thought she was dead. Then he saw her lift her head, so he turned on his lights and blocked the road so he could help get her out of the roadway.

Coreless said as he approached her, she got up and took off running.

He got back into his car and followed her to where she ran into the woods near an abandoned Steak 'n Shake.

He said she was bleeding badly and thought her insides had fallen out when he saw a lump on the ground. 

But it was a fawn. Then he heard a cry and found a second fawn.

Coreless said he found their mother about ten yards away in heavy brush.

“She had bled out and was gone,” he said in the post.

Coreless said he found the only thing in his car that he could wrap the babies in, a paper Tyvex suit. He said he “ran lights and siren” to the Ellisville Veterinary Hospital and went inside to tell them what happened.

Coreless said 10 employees came outside, wrapped the babies in blankets and took them inside.

“I don’t know if the deer will live, but the Hospital and I gave them a chance, and I can live with that,” he said.

On Wednesday morning the hospital made a post on Facebook giving an update in the fawns’ condition.

“We examined the fawns and they appeared to be just born but stable and uninjured,” the hospital said.

The hospital also said they were able to find a “wildlife rehabilitation person” to care for the fawns and said they are doing well.

“Thank you to the officer for giving them a chance.”

Corporal Coreless' Facebook post about the fawns has recieved more than 2,000 reactions and more than 800 comments and shares.

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