I am a creature of habit. I get hooked on certain restaurants and certain items on the menu and can’t stop doing the same thing over and over. We are all guilty of that. However, this summer, my 22-year-old daughter, Brooke, said, “We are changing everything. Get out of your box and try new things.” She didn’t offer to pay. She just had the idea. She has been on scholarship her entire life.

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It was the best idea of her life. She carefully researched all of the popular restaurants. We narrowed it down to 10. It was the best eating summer of my life. Everything had to be new. The Shaved Duck was one of our early restaurants. Wow. It was more crowded than a midnight mass at a Catholic church. All of the creative things on the menu. Once again, my daughter was consistent. She ate the food and didn’t pay a thing.

Frank’s Food Picks is now on episode two of its first season. I think this dish is going to make you hungry. My photographer, Tony Chambers, said this was the best shoot he’s ever been on. Enjoy!

If you have a great entrée in the St. Louis area you want me to try, let me know at fcusumano@ksdk.com.