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St. Charles woman makes potted plants out of doll heads of different races

Cindy Duncan started potting doll heads after a woman asked her to make something inspiring for her Black daughter.

ST CHARLES, Mo. — When Cindy Duncan started her gardening career at 24 years old, she had no idea it would lead to creating plants out of doll heads.

"The first doll that I ever made was just so beautiful, I just could not stop," Duncan said.

Duncan started her business, Freshly Potted, in March of 2020. She sells plants at the Soulard Farmers Market on the weekends. The idea for the doll heads came from a woman in the booth next to her about four months ago.

"She's a white lady that has adopted three Black children and she wanted me to create something that was inspiring to her daughter," Duncan said.

Duncan makes pots out of all types of objects and thought a doll head would be perfect for the young girls, but finding the right race was challenging.

"I was in the store and there was a man in front of the dolls and I said, ‘Excuse me could I get those dolls?’ and he only handed me the white ones and I said, ‘No, I want them all, all colors everything,’" Duncan said.

Credit: Pepper Baker

The process to turn the doll into a plant takes about three hours. She makes about 10-12 a week. She even customizes the fabric and jewelry.

"They just don't like a lot of water and other than that, they're easy to take care of," Duncan said.

She said she sells about 10 a week, and even takes special orders, making sure everyone feels included.

"I just wanted them to know how special they were. It didn't matter what color they were. They were all special to me," Duncan said.

Duncan also plans to make male doll plants.

The plants start at $40.

Visit the Freshly Potted Facebook page for more information.

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