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'Top Cookie Boss' | Meet the St. Louis area's top Girl Scout cookie seller

This year, she’s upping her cookie goal, hoping to sell 4,100 boxes

ST. LOUIS — Walking her neighborhood in pink cowboy boots, Aria Pelikan means business.

At the top of her agenda: Selling Girl Scout cookies, as many of them as she can.

Afte rall, she is the ‘Top Cookie Boss.’

“It even says it right there,” she said pointing to a shirt with the words in big, bold print.

Aria is the reigning top Girl Scout cookie seller in the St. Louis region for the past two years. She’s been preparing for this season for weeks.

“I treated it like a business, and I worked day and night, meaning I worked in all my free time after school and on weekends,” she told 5 On Your Side as the first day of sales got underway Saturday.

This year, she’s upping her cookie goal, hoping to sell 4,100 boxes of Thin Mints, Samoas, Tagalongs and all the other favorites.

But for Aria, selling Girl Scout cookies this year is about more than being the top cookie seller. She’s also teaching her ways to her younger sister, Vivian.

“You can ring the doorbell. And do you want me to do the talking?” she asked as they held hands and walked to the next house on the block.

Aria isn’t just reaping the benefits of selling cookies, she’s learning life lessons that go behind her spreadsheets and accolades.

It means I get to be a goal setter, a decision maker, and I get to have good people skills. It gives me the confidence to talk to adults and teaches me many good skills for life,” she said.

And no doubt a successful career someday soon.

“I want to be a CEO when I grow up."

All of the profit from the cookie sales stays local to help pay for programs for the Girl Scouts. If Aria hits her 4,100-box goal, she gets a trip to Disney World.

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