Several neighborhoods in Glendale, Missouri, are praising the man who picks up their trash.

Their positive feedback was shared on social media and in a letter to his employer, Republic Services.

In fact, if you ask just about anyone who lives in Glendale, Patrick Mack is the best garbage man on the planet.

The devotion residents have to Mack is clear to see as some left holiday greetings taped to trash bins he was scheduled to pick up this week.

Others brought him gifts and sweet treats as he worked his route, and every time it was accompanied with a hug, a smile, and a positive attitude you don’t normally associate with a sanitation worker.

Mack is a rare example of unbridled positivity.

Formerly, he was employed by Ford loading cars on trains, but when he lost that job due to cutbacks he needed work.

He got his Commercial Driver’s License in about two weeks and the very next day he landed his job at Republic Services.

It has been more than a decade since that day.

During that time, he has continually accumulated positive community reviews that are shared with his employer at least once a month.

Mack has even been honored by the company as their residential driver of the year during an annual company event.

Even though it wasn’t what he would have chosen for his career, Mack says the people he serves make him happy.

And the people he serves say he makes each of them feel special.