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These Siberian Huskies are the cutest Blues fans

Richie Camden is passionate about Siberian Huskies and his favorite hockey team.

HILLSBORO, Mo. — How do you get 13 Siberian Huskies to sit still and stare into the camera while wearing hockey sweaters?

"It’s kind a circus balancing act type thing," said Richie Camden, who owns 16 dogs total. "Not so much the sitting still because we work a lot on their obedience training, but getting them to look at the camera and really trying to get them to smile, too. We really have to make a lot of funny noises behind the camera to get them to kind of brighten up a little bit."

Camden’s photos of his Siberian Husky dogs in Blues’ sweaters even caught the attention of NBC, which showed one of his photographs during the Game 3 pregame show of the Stanley Cup Final between the Blues and Boston Bruins.

"We were actually at the game walking in and my sister-in-law texted us and said, 'oh my god, you guys were just on the pregame show,’ and I was like 'what?'"

When Camden and his wife, Leah, aren't attending Blues playoff games, they run a competitive sled dog racing team call the Breakaway Siberians. Most of their dogs are adopted from animal shelters.

For a Blues super fan, the Stanley Cup Final is a long-delayed dream come true.

"Seeing all the playoff heartbreak of before and having them this close is really special and I was starting to think I might not see this in my lifetime."

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