Today in St. Louis is saluting "Hallway Staples." Men and women who are considered the heart and soul of a particular school. If you ask the staff at Fairway Elementary in the Rockwood District who the Hallway Staple is in their school, they'll tell you kindergarten teacher Anna Marie White.

"She's the teacher that everybody wants their child to have for the very first experience. I believe it's because she just exudes love." said Fairway Principal Dr. Lorinda Krey.

Mrs. White is beginning her 29th and final year in the district. She will retire at the end of the school year.

"I always joke and say I don't want to be the teacher they say should have quit five years ago," White said with a laugh. “I love what I do and it will be bittersweet and hard to leave."

In a story that aired Wednesday morning on Today in St. Louis, Mrs. White said teaching kindergarten is a job that comes with a lot of laughs.

"I've had a lot of good stories, a lot of secrets... a lot of funny stories over the years," White said.

Watch the video above to see the reunion with one of her former students who's starting her first year as a Rockwood teacher.