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Kirkwood High band members put on curbside concert to tune out coronavirus, lift community

"Not only are we doing it because it's fun for us, but people enjoyed it. It was a chance to lighten the mood," said 17-year-old Chris Palmer

DES PERES, Mo. — Seventeen-year-old Chris Palmer and his buddies have had enough of the mandatory stay-at-home order.

"Yeah, I am really sick of it. It's just no fun," said Chris, who's a junior at Kirkwood High School.

Palmer and his classmates are tired of being cooped up in their homes.

"I am just running out of things to do. There's been a lot of hours spending the day doing nothing," he added.

And that's why Thursday night the fed-up friends picked up their saxophones and belted out tune after tune, including Kirkwood High's school song.

"I was hoping that people who are tired of staying inside can come outside and see something they haven't seen before," said 16-year-old Carter Bowen.

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Typically, lots of folks flock to Kirkwood's spring concerts downtown.

"There's always band concerts, orchestra concerts and because of all that's going on right now with the virus, that has to stop," said Chris.

So, the three member boy band put on its own curbside, mini-concert in a cul-de-sac near Devonshire Avenue and Tallie Drive in Des Peres.

It was their way of kicking COVID-19 to the curb, albeit for a moment.

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"Not only are we doing it because it's fun for us, but people around us are going to enjoy it," Chris said.

By the look at all the happy faces — moms, dads and little ones alike — all had a great time.

"It was good to hear them practicing in the basement but even better seeing them all playing together outside," said Jill Guilfoy, whose son also played his saxophone during the event.

"The boys are just great kids. They work hard and they're wonderful young musicians," said Rebecca Friesen, one of Kirkwood High School's band directors.

Inspiring young muscians who used their talents to tune out coronavirus and lift their community.

"Yeah, we will be back next Thursday. We just want people to enjoy it because that's all you can really do right now," Chris said.

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