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Man on mission to honor World War II veterans

Rishi Sharma has traveled the world to meet and talk to veterans of World War II.

CREVE COEUR, Mo. — Some people learn history from a book.

Rishi Sharma prefers learning it from the people who made it.

"I just wanted to be able to learn from them and document their sacrifices and experiences, "he told us.

For the past five years, this 21-year-old has been meeting, interviewing and recording veterans of World War II.

"The World War Two combat veterans are my biggest heroes ever since I was a little kid, "explained Sharma.

Ever since he was in High School, he has talked to 2 or 3 World War II veterans every single day, like Creve Coeur's Ralph Goldsticker.

"I feel honored to be honored by him coming to visit me and interviewing me," said Goldsticker.

Goldsticker was an Army Air Corps Bombardier who flew 35 combat missions over France and Germany. Just don't try calling him a hero.

"We all did our bit," he says. "There were 16 million of us in the service and regardless of what we did it all counted toward the victory."

Sharma disagrees and says men and women like Goldsticker are heroes. Which is why he has traveled to 47 states plus Canada, the UK and France.

"So that future generations that won't have the honor and privilege of meeting men like Mr. Goldsticker face to face, they can still learn from them, "Sharma told us.

So far, Sharma has interviewed more than 950 World War Two veterans but since we're losing so many every day, he says it never feels like it's enough. So the mission continues.

"As long as there are World War II veterans around I will be interviewing them," he said.

One young man giving thanks to the men and women who gave so much and preserving the past for future generations.

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