ST. LOUIS — A man has reunited with his dog after having his car stolen while stopping to help some strangers.

Ryan McConnell said he was on his way home Monday night when he saw a car spin out on Interstate 70 near where the express lanes end just north of downtown St. Louis. The driver's car blew a tire. He pulled over to check on the people inside to make sure they were alright.

This Marine veteran said while he was stopping to help, two other men pulled over as well and left after a few minutes.

‘Well, 30 seconds later, I turned around and my car is gone with my puppy Dill in the backseat,’ McConnell wrote on Facebook.

The Good Samaritan who just pulled over to help two strangers just had his car stolen with his beloved dog inside.

‘I don’t give a [expletive] about my car, I just want my baby boy back,’ McConnell wrote in his Facebook post.

He pleaded for the social media world to share his story—and Facebook came out strong with more than 3,500 shares by Tuesday morning.

Within nine hours of posting, McConnell got the phone call he wanted.

Dill had been found. 

McConnell shared online that someone off South Broadway found Dill hiding under a car and called the phone number on his name tag.

‘Thank you all for helping spread the word! I never thought I would get this much help,’ he wrote.

McConnell shared a photo of him hugging Dill, their faces squished together and Dill’s paw around Joseph’s arm.

Overwhelmed with joy, McConnell says, "He’s going to get a lot of treats!"

Dill has been found! Someone down off South Broadway found him hiding under a car and called my number on his tag! Thank you all for helping spread the word! I never thought I would get this much...

McConnell adopted Dill eight months ago from Stray Rescue, after Dill was left on the side of the highway in a litter box. Ever since then, these two have been best friends. 

"He’s kept a smile on my face ever since I had him. He keeps me happy, keeps me positive, keeps me going," McConnell says. He's thankful for the Good Samaritans who reunited him with his best friend, "I’m just happy there are some good people in the world."

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