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These cool 3D paintings are popping up on Mizzou's campus

They’re all works of art meant to trick the eye.
Credit: Mizzou

COLUMBIA, Mo. — Walk around Mizzou’s campus these days and it might seem like you’re encountering a tiger, falling off a ledge or standing under the spotlight on stage.

But they’re all works of art meant to trick the eye.

Artists Chris Carlson and Nate Baranowski have created several installations on campus called ‘trompe l’oeli’ or ‘trick of the eye.’ When you stand in a specific spot, the paintings have a 3D realistic look. Step off to the side or at another angle, and they become distorted.

So far, they’ve painted a tiger that looks like it’s leaping out of a hole in the ground, another hole that looks like a bottomless pit, a tuba, a stage, life-size paint supplies and a storm drain with water running into it.

All of the paintings are scattered around Mizzou’s campus in Columbia. Each one has a convenient ‘stand here’ spot so picture-takers can get the perfect snapshot.

Students, staff and visitors are having fun with the creative creations.

One woman posed next to the ‘cliff edge’ making it look like she was falling in…

Credit: Twitter

While another guy skateboarded over the top of it…

Credit: Mizzou

This guy essentially shrunk himself by standing on the ‘top’ of the tuba…

Credit: Twitter

One person offered the tiger a coffee…

Credit: Twitter

While a member of the Mizzou Chess team invited the big cat to a game…

Credit: Twitter

The paintings are being used to drum up attention for Mizzou’s new Artist in Residence program, which includes actor and singer Taye Diggs in the spring.

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