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Paint Louis brightens St. Louis floodwall

Graffiti artists and muralists from around the world are creating works of art that will bring the community together.

ST. LOUIS — More than 300 artists from around the world are adding color to the St. Louis floodwall at Chouteau and Wharf. 

"I like to create these spiral portals," Norm4eva, an artist said. "It kind of gives people a thought of escapism that they can escape into this spiral thing that will be happening after the clouds."

The Omaha native makes the 6.5 hour pilgrimage every year. 

"In this life we have to make a mark," the artist said. 

It's the 24th gathering of the event that started as and still is a creative outlet for youth. 

"Being young kids, running around getting in trouble," John Harrington said. "We just had to find a place we could go and not get in trouble." 

He's participated every summer since 1993. 

"So we started coming down here and turning the lights on our car and um... painting," Harrington said. 

The wall is a canvas for the community. 

"I love the fact that a 12-year-old will come stand in front of it and get photos of her dance routine," Norm4eva said.

The group will be out there until Sunday at 9:00 p.m.

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