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'Shell Shock': coronavirus poem

Art Holliday shares a poem he wrote about the COVID-19 pandemic

"Shell Shock"

A virus that kills
Is really quite scary
For all concerned
A tale cautionary


All over the world
People are hurting
The new normal is sick
And so disconcerting


The way we live now
Is no longer routine


So many new heroes
Do what needs to be done
On the front lines of COVID
'Til the battle is won


Wash your hands well
For at least 20 seconds
Sanitizer and soap are
The new secret weapons


Keeping our distance
And staying at home
Trying not to be bored
We reach for the phone


Let's go old school
And actually talk
Conversations with loved ones
To share the shell shock


When you stay home
The fridge is too close
Unless you shopped wisely
It's full of fructose


Are you really hungry?
Or should you slow down?
Before you know it
You've gained 15 pounds


Our dogs are confused
About owners not leaving
Eight walks in one day?
Even pets are pet peeving


The Wi-Fi is slower
The throbber keeps spinning
I wait and I wait
But technology's winning


Netflix and Hulu
Now among my best friends
Streaming is soothing
Especially weekends


As Aretha once sang
"Who's zooming who?"
Virtual happy hour
Bring your own brew


Co-workers and friends
On a video screen
like the Brady Bunch
In box we convene


Parents as teachers
Keeping kids entertained
harder than it looks
mom and dad look drained


Gloria Gaynor survived
And so will we
We're in this together
Worldwide family


A mystery Illness
So much we don't know
Except Every storm
Can produce a rainbow