KSDK – The stars of this year’s Ameren Missouri Falcon Cam now have their permanent identification markers. This was the first human encounter for the five chicks since hatching in early May.

Our friends at the World Bird Sanctuary invited 5 On Your Side along to document the harmless process as the new chicks, three boys and two girls, received their numbered and colored bands around their ankles. Now, researchers will be able to identify the peregrine falcons wherever they go and gather information about their lives.

Photos: Falcon Cam chicks given permanent markers

"Until now we've kept our distance from the chicks, and like everyone else, enjoyed watching their early days through Falcon Cam. Seeing them in person for the first time reinforces how important it is that we continue this successful program," Jeff Meshach, deputy director at the World Bird Sanctuary, said.

Over 13,500 people tuned into the live feed of the nesting box high above the Ameren Missouri Sioux Energy Center this season.

This year’s five hatchlings tied the Ameren Missouri record set in 2011 for the number of chicks born in one year. The World Bird Sanctuary have banded more than 56 peregrine falcons born in the nesting boxes at Ameren Missouri energy sites since 2002.

Facebook Live: World Bird Sanctuary walks us through the process

"Providing Missourians the opportunity to watch these magnificent birds up close is a great way to spread awareness of conservation efforts for this and other threatened species," Sarah Kendrick, State Ornithologist at the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC), said.

You still have time to watch these balls of fluff! The camera is live from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. seven days a week until these young ones leave the nest. Click here to watch.