A group of teachers at McCluer North High School continue to inspire students outside of the classroom.

MN Strong is a nonprofit group made up of teachers who make positive changes for both teachers and students.

In their latest project, the group is spreading positive messages on mirrors of girls’ restrooms throughout the school in an effort to reinforce positive self-image.

Adam Bender teaches American history at McCluer North High School.

“We really wanted to make sure our young ladies believe in themselves. There is lots of pressure on this generation, especially with social media. We wanted them to know they are beautiful no matter what, but wanted to make sure it wasn't just about beauty, so we included several other empowering words for them on the mirrors.”

Bender’s wife was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year. One of her friends etched a small, handheld mirror with a positive message for her and that’s how he got the idea to do the same for students.

Photo credit: Adam Bender

“I was inspired by my wife. She was diagnosed with breast cancer this year and has handled it in amazing fashion. Her friend etched a small, handheld mirror with a positive message for her. I thought we could try to spread that idea to our students,” Bender said.

Photo credit: Adam Bender

Bender says the organization is working on a new digital video board for outside the front of the building that would display things like student of the month and events happening at the school.

To donate to the organization or to volunteer, click here.