WILDWOOD, Mo. – Hidden Valley was humming on Tuesday, as lines of skiers and snowboarders stretched to the parking lot at the resort.

The bitter cold did not freeze any plans for people braving the outdoors.

"Being a ski area there's no such thing as too cold," said Greg Gavrilets, Hidden Valley general manager.

And there's a lot of people who would agree with that thinking

"It's not that bad," said Charlie Reed, a Chesterfield resident.

People, who braved the cold, were not flaking on their winter tradition.

"The wind is kind of cold, but it's not really that, it's when the snow hits your face and you feel that," said Reed.

Last week was the first time the Sharp family could enjoy Hidden Valley. It was during one of the coldest periods in the area ever.

"That's how the cards fell for us," said Travis Sharp.

It was shivering weather at that point--well below zero degrees.

"It was cold then, it was really cold then," said Sharp.

Skiing or snowboarding downhill with the wind smacking you in the face, you better come prepared.

"Three pants on, leggings, sweatpants and snow pants and I have two winter coats on and some Under Armour," Reed said.

Mother nature is not kidding around this year and people are taking her serious

"Lots of layers, lots of layers," said Sharp

For many of us, this is weather we can live without, but for Hidden Valley, they would like for this cold to chill and stay put.

"We like the cold and we love for it to stick around."

The general manager of Hidden Valley says they've seen an uptick in business over the past week or so.

A public hearing was held on Tuesday to discuss whether or not the resort should be able to build a zipline. The Wildwood Planning and Parks Committee approved four changes to the zipline proposal, including the approval for a 12 month season and operating hours from 9 a.m. to sunset.

The company has said they will shut down if they aren't allowed to build the zipline. Hidden Valley did not want comment on the hearing.