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Abused dog placed with foster family days before alleged abuser's court date

“We had originally thought he was going to have to have some amputations, which didn’t happen, so that’s wonderful,” White said.

MADISON COUNTY, Ill. — When doctors first examined Charlie, nearly two weeks ago, his odds of survival were less than favorable.

"The first night he came in, it was 10 percent," Pound Pets Founder Deb White said. "Then it went to 50/50."

Charlie had to be treated for chemical burns after someone poured caustic acid on him earlier this month.

White said the doctors at Veterinary Specialty Services in Manchester, Missouri, were able to stitch up his multiple wounds. He may also recover sight in the eye impacted by the acid, despite doctors' initial thought that he might lose the eye completely. 

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“We had originally thought he was going to have to have some amputations, which didn’t happen, so that’s wonderful,” White said.

The day Charlie was rushed in for treatment, he met Barry Kibler.

Kibler is a vet tech at Veterinary Specialty Services, where Charlie received treatment for 10 days. He decided to take Charlie in as a foster.

“He is the difference between night and day from the first time I saw him," Kibler said. 

Kibler also fosters Kili, formerly Belle, who Pound Pets rescued after she was found dangerously malnourished in September 2019. 

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“They’re both, in their own right, the worst cases I’ve seen,” Kibler said. “Belle was the worst case of starvation I’d ever seen, especially purposely done. (Charlie) was the worst case of torture I’ve ever seen.”

Kibler said Belle and Charlie are inseparable and get along well with his other dogs. 

Meanwhile, White said Charlie has received support from across the country

“We have, needless to say, a lot of people that want to adopt him,” White said. “We’re not even close to that phase yet.”

Kibler said Charlie has to take pain medicine three times a day.  

“Burning something with caustic acid is pretty nasty and pretty painful,” Kibler said.

Pound Pets started selling dog-themed "Charlie's Angels" shirts to raise money his medical bills.

White said the organization has sold nearly 50 and has received donations from Florida, Texas and the East Coast. Additionally, she said at least three other organizations are raising money for Charlie. 

In fact, the organization expects to raise more than what they need for Charlie's recovery. It plan to use the additional money to pay the medical bills for some of its other rescues.

On Friday, the man accused of abusing Charlie, Rodney Johnson, will appear in Madison County Circuit Court on felony charges of animal abuse and aggravated animal abuse.

White said Pound Pets is satisfied with the charges because they potentially carry jail time. She also said representatives from the organization plan to attend his court appearance.

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